Aggregate & Analyze all your DeFi investments on a Single Dashboard with Skytale

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3 min readNov 24, 2022


Skytale is now live on Aurora!


As the Web3 space continues to innovate, users increasingly find themselves juggling with different assets and protocols at once, making it difficult to track all of their investments.
Managing multiple wallets, assets, and trading platforms is difficult and often chaotic, it requires the use of Excel and other manual softwares which can accurately analyze and keep track of gains and losses only as well as the user can master these tools. Having an easy to use platform that aggregates and analyzes all your investments can make your life easier, and definitely, more pleasant! To this end, Skytale has designed the perfect tool for businesses and individuals to navigate the DeFi space without hassles and headaches.

Skytale: A single dashboard for your crypto investments

Investors often struggle to manage their investments singlehandedly as they are dispersed across multiple wallets, protocols, and chains. This not only demands a significant amount of their time but it also limits their ability to efficiently analyze and plan future investment strategies.
Skytale solves this problem by unifying all of their users’ investments from various protocols, wallets and chains into a single dashboard, freeing them from time consuming manual record keeping while enhancing their analytics. Skytale is a full-service analytics platform that assists users in analyzing their investments, gains/losses, and preparing data for accounting and taxation, among other things.

Skytale is compatible with over 16 networks, including Near, Aurora, Ethereum, and others. Skytale is also working to expand its network to improve interoperability and asset tracking.

How does Skytale work?

Skytale acts like a dynamic dashboard that enables tracking of all investments scattered across various wallets, protocols, chains and prepares data for accounting and tax reports to help save investors time and effort in maintaining spreadsheets manually.

Skytale’s multi-chain, data-driven approach allows users to view and track all of their holdings in one place.

Aggregation & Treasury Management

Keeping track of investments, crypto holdings, as well as inflows & outflows using spreadsheets is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. Skytale’s dashboard is perfect for Web3 native businesses that are looking to get better control and transparency over their treasuries and can cut the time for record keeping by clustering together all transactions scattered across wallets and chains into a single view, allowing users to track expenses with tags, see their transaction history, and manage bookkeeping effortlessly.

Accounting & Tax Reports

Accounting for multiple transactions across multiple platforms can be time-consuming, and the likelihood of error is high, resulting in incorrect tax reports. Users can use Skytale to filter transactions based on their needs, allowing them to create reports without worrying about errors. Better still, Skytale further streamlines the reporting process by allowing users to send reports directly to QuickBooks.

Analyze Investments

Every investment makes a profit or a loss, but tracking it on spreadsheets is a headache and time consuming process. Skytale aggregates all of the investments on a single page, making it easier for users to analyze and develop their own investment strategy.


Skytale also provides API support for projects and developers, allowing them to aggregate all investments on a single dashboard and build on top of it.

Skytale x Aurora

Skytale’s partnership with Aurora is going to enable user’s seamless tracking of all their token transactions on the Aurora Ecosystem. Additionally, thanks to Skytale’s integration with QuickBooks, users will be able to check for historical transactions, export data in CSV and use it for accounting and tax reports.

Get started with Skytale here.

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