Apollo42 x Aurora — How Aurora Will Help Maintain Security and Safety on Apollo42

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3 min readApr 9, 2022


The NFT community is growing tremendously, with more and more projects coming up. It’s truly an amazing experience to be a part of the early NFT adapters, considering that many experts say that we’re still in the early phase of decentralization.

About Apollo42

Some platforms are jam-packed with NFT enthusiasts, leading to more security bottlenecks. As we can see from some recent news, phishing emails and hacks from NFT marketplaces are becoming rampant, and it demands a more secure platform and blockchain network.

This is where Apollo42 comes in. The project’s NFT marketplace isn’t just a place where you can list your NFTs. It’s a social platform where you can use and do everything related to NFTs: sell and buy NFTs, analyse projects, and socialize, among others. It’s specially designed for NFT enthusiasts, Metaverse users, and P2E games. The project will also allow users to check NFT rankings through its Collector Ranking page. It will be the list of the richest people in the NFT.

As an NFT marketplace, Apollo42 offers the most convenient ways for NFT artists to launch their collections. There will be no code involved; just fill out the necessary information to complete your upload, together with your collection in a .zip file.

Advantages of using Apollo42

As we’ve mentioned, Apollo42 is solving many issues of NFT marketplace. Number one is the expensive cost of gas price on ETH-based NFT platforms. The project wants to help the NFT community to enjoy and experience how rewarding the ecosystem is without paying high fees. So, with NEAR protocol, they can cut the cost of minting.

Next, its NFT marketplace makes minting NFTs easier and the platform more valuable to the users. Since you don’t need codes to mint, you don’t have to possess the technical knowledge to sell your NFTs.

Finally, Aurora is going to help Apollo42 to strengthen its security while providing fast and interoperable services.

Why integrate Aurora?

Our Aurora EMV is a flexible scaling solution that helps blockchain projects provide a more secure platform for users. And despite its affiliation to the NEAR protocol, we additionally support platforms based on the Ethereum network to facilitate the transfer of ETH and ERC-20 tokens. There’s no need to migrate to other protocols with Aurora if the application is built initially on Ethereum. This is the most significant advantage of Aurora in terms of scalability.

Apollo42 is proud to integrate this EMV solution to ensure that the project delivers the best experience to our users. And, since Apollo42 will provide more than just an NFT marketplace, integrating Aurora will help them optimize their platform according to the expectations of NFT investors. The project can leverage the cross-chain functionality we can provide together with NEAR.


The blockchain space is getting busier and busier, with more and more people wanting to get on board and experience first-hand how to use the latest blockchain technologies. With Apollo42’s partnership with us, there could be a great potential to grow, considering that the technologies we provide have some improvements to solve the current issues in this space.

For more information about Apollo42, you can visit their social media accounts:

Website: https://apollo42.vision

Twitter: https://twitter.com/apollo42world

Medium: https://medium.com/@apollo42world

Don’t forget to join their community for more updates about their products!

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