Bizverse — A Metaverse for Business on the Aurora Network*


Why Aurora?

  • Fully compatible EVM for fast deployment of solid smart contracts
  • Fast transaction confirmation with very low gas fee, strongly conductive on blocks handling
  • Trustworthy network with expanding upgrade to Aurora Plus with various benefits to users for free transaction fee, also plenty of chances when staking AURORA to receive rewards from Aurora Network Ecosystem
  • High scalability
  • Excessive Through-put comparing to Layer-1 Ethereum

Digital Twin and Meta-Economy

  • Virtual Reality Travel
  • Retails
  • E-commerce
  • Banking
  • Advertisement
  • Entertainment

NFT Marketplace


  • Decentralized Finance Based on Social: In the future, Bizverse Social is partly owned and proposed by users based on the holders, users vote on proposals and make decisions to grow the future of the project based on the DAO mechanism.
  • Bringing value to users in the Bizverse Social:
  • By interacting (Like, Share, Post, Watch, Learn,…)
  • By using the influence with the community by different levels on upgrading to BIZPRO memberships, users can write to earn, by creating astonishing and hype content with articles or creating their own NFTs.
  • By using influence on the community: KOL/Influencer or individual promotion by advertising procedure, use Bizverse’s Utility tokens for the fee of advertisement
  • Sharing, Branding for NFT Collections & trade in NFT Marketplaces
  • Real-life products advertisement (E-commerce applied) to sell products

Unique E-Platform for Business

  • E-Commerce: businesses platform for trading, showing, publishing & selling products
  • E-Class (Education): various licensed online courses (more than 200,000+) with Udemy — a giant corp. in online learning
  • Rentall (Tourism): Tourism platform on booking, traveling, hostel hotel with tons of more options for both hosts & travelers, engaging with the use-cases of NFTs.
  • BizShow (Entertainment): various integrations on creating a virtual reality show with celebrities, KOLs, Influencers,… with just a simple creation, but astonishing visuals.



About Aurora



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Aurora Labs

Aurora is a fully compatible EVM and a fully trustless bridge between the Ethereum, NEAR and Aurora networks.