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4 min readMar 27, 2022

Amaterasu Finance is a DeFi protocol native to the Aurora chain. The Amaterasu protocol aims to grow the TVL (total value locked) of Aurora by onboarding people from other chains and being community oriented. It will offer investors the opportunity to provide liquidity for various pairs and farm the governance token of the protocol.

Why Aurora?

Aurora is a blockchain with a very well-developed infrastructure, solid fundamentals, scalable, cheap, and blazing fast. On top of that, it has a blossoming DeFi ecosystem with more and more protocols looking to bring value to Aurora. The Amaterasu team team believes in the long-term potential of the chain. The Aurora team has already managed to push out a lot of developments in a very short span of time. The high level of community engagement, as well as the transparency and regular updates from the core team made the Amaterasu team extremely confident in their choice to build on this chain.

The Amaterasu protocol


The protocol will consist of multiple parts but the main component is the DEX. Starting out, the launch of the protocol will be fair (no private sales and no ICOs). Liquidity will be added for the main token pair and a few pools will be opened up for investors to provide liquidity.

Auto-compounding vaults

A key feature of the Amaterasu protocol is the auto-compounding vaults. You can read more about these vaults in the official documentation of Amaterasu protocol here, but essentially, auto-compounding vaults compound your yields for you. On a chain like Ethereum, this would be more complicated because of high fees and low transaction speeds, but on Aurora, auto-compounding vaults would work quite neatly and would offer the users a “stake and forget” type of investment.

Community governance and focus

The Amaterasu team would like to have a close relationship with the community, therefore they want their protocol to be community focused. That means that all projects would have a chance to receive an incentivized pool, given that they fulfill the minimum criteria (in order to protect investors). Their token will be able to be used in governance voting on future updates of the protocol. This opens up the possibility for the community to voice their opinions and decide what they want to see from the protocol.

Expanding the protocol

Since Aurora has a very extensive infrastructure present already on chain, the team plans to expand the protocol in the future. Said expansion might include (but is not limited to) things like an NFT marketplace, burn vaults, bonds, etc. Naturally, developments take time, time will be needed to push them out and ensure they are safe to use and that they work as intended.

The Amaterasu team

The core team of the protocol has a bunch of talented and experienced people that are either managing other protocols or worked on other protocols. Most of the team is doxed and well-known reputable people in their respective communities. Almost all of them are coming from the Harmony blockchain and have been friends for a long time. They collectively understood that the future of blockchain technology is cross-chain so they decided that they would like to onboard people from chains like Harmony onto Aurora and vice versa. Liquidity needs to flow like water from one chain to the other, without any hiccups and with low barriers. This will open up a lot of new possibilities for the future of DeFi. Aurora was a logical choice for the Amaterasu team to build on for the aforementioned reasons.

The history of the protocol

Amaterasu was initially supposed to launch on the MTV blockchain. However, after a lot of hiccups, they started doubting if they wanted to launch on MTV. They discussed it internally and decided that it wouldn’t want all of their work to go to waste (since the actual DEX is done already). Launching the protocol on a different chain was a better choice for them. You can read more about the history on MTV in this article they wrote.


Amaterasu is an upcoming DeFi protocol launching on the Aurora chain. The launch will be fair and will be announced in advance. The team is very excited to contribute to the Aurora ecosystem and bring more TVL to the chain by onboarding new users.

Below you can find links to the project’s socials, their official documentation, and the article regarding not launching on MTV. Please get in touch with the Amaterasu team if you have any questions!

Discord |Telegram | Twitter | Docs | GitHub | Why we didn’t launch on MTV

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