Embracing Aurora: Amaterasu Finance

Why Aurora?

Aurora is a blockchain with a very well-developed infrastructure, solid fundamentals, scalable, cheap, and blazing fast. On top of that, it has a blossoming DeFi ecosystem with more and more protocols looking to bring value to Aurora. The Amaterasu team team believes in the long-term potential of the chain. The Aurora team has already managed to push out a lot of developments in a very short span of time. The high level of community engagement, as well as the transparency and regular updates from the core team made the Amaterasu team extremely confident in their choice to build on this chain.

The Amaterasu protocol



Amaterasu is an upcoming DeFi protocol launching on the Aurora chain. The launch will be fair and will be announced in advance. The team is very excited to contribute to the Aurora ecosystem and bring more TVL to the chain by onboarding new users.

Amaterasu’s socials




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Aurora Labs

Aurora Labs

Aurora is a fully compatible EVM and a fully trustless bridge between the Ethereum, NEAR and Aurora networks.