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5 min readJul 11, 2023

On June 22nd, MARBLEX, a leading game-based blockchain service company, announced its technical partnership with Aurora and NEAR Protocol. Following the announcement, Aurora’s CEO, Alex Shevcheno and MARBLEX’s Marketing Manager, Hannah Kang, hosted an AMA session to outline the scope of the partnership and its implication for both ecosystems.

MARBLEX’s Blockchain Services & Game Lineup

MARBLEX is a game-based blockchain service company and subsidiary of South Korea’s №1 gaming company, Netmarble. Since its inception in 2022, MARBLEX has focused on creating new gaming experiences by leveraging blockchain technology. Currently, MARBLEX provides a comprehensive ecosystem of seven blockchain services designed to enhance the gaming experience. At the core is their user-friendly wallet service, enabling seamless token transfers with the convenience of nicknames. The MBX swap service facilitates effortless token exchanges for their game tokens, while the MBX launchpad and marketplace offer a platform for trading MARBLEX’s NFTs. NFT staking boosts the utility of NFTs within the MBX ecosystem. Excitingly, the upcoming “MBX Station” will revolutionize blockchain integration in games, eliminating the need for additional in-app development.

MARBLEX’ game lineup includes four games integrated into the MBX ecosystem. The first game is A3: Still Alive, an MMORPG with Battle Royale PVP content that achieved great success in Korea and quickly settled into the crypto market as a high-quality game. The second game is Nino Kuni: Cross Worlds, a grand-scale MMORPG based on Level 5 and Studio Ghibli’s IP, which ranked №1 in Google sales in various Asian countries and launched with blockchain integration. King of Fighters: Arena is a 1v1 combat game based on the popular IP, while Metaworld: My City is a multi-layered real estate metaverse game that incorporates real city layouts and map topography.

Expanding Korea’s Web3 Gaming Industry with NEAR Protocol and Aurora

MARBLEX had initially launched on Klaytn network, however, it soon realized that in order to bring its vision to reality MARBLEX would need to focus on creating a multichain and scalable environment.

The decision to partner with Aurora Labs then came as MARBLEX recognized the need for multi-chain support to unlock the full potential of blockchain gaming. NEAR and Aurora could provide the scalability and accessibility that MARBLEX needed in order to unlock the full potential of blockchain gaming and bring to the fore their vision. As Hannah Kang put it:

“One of the main objectives of the MARBLEX platform is to remove various obstacles that may limit gamers or blockchain enthusiasts from accessing or on-ramping the blockchain ecosystem. Then, the ultimate goal of a multichain expansion with NEAR and Aurora Labs is to provide a seamless experience for users when transitioning from chain to chain or when moving from on-chain to off-chain. A MARBLEX platform supported by multi-chain will provide gamers with the option to join a blockchain ecosystem of their choice and allow the MBX token to be utilized in a variety of services within that ecosystem. Conversely, users that are accustomed to a specific blockchain ecosystem could easily transition to our gaming ecosystem without having to move to another chain, which will have a positive impact on the expansion of the MARBLEX ecosystem.”

What’s Next?

The partnership among NEAR Protocol, Aurora, and MARBLEX aims to foster mutual growth by encouraging joint marketing events, and elevating brand visibility. Furthermore, this partnership will demonstrate the immense potential of NEAR Protocol and Aurora in supporting ambitious projects. Alex Schevchenko, CEO of Aurora Labs, remarked:

“We are thrilled that MARBLEX has chosen our ecosystem as their next blockchain partner. The integration of gaming with blockchains has proven successful, and with the NEAR and Aurora stack, we possess the scalability required to serve the largest gaming companies.”

In the coming month, Aurora will play a crucial role in this partnership by providing the essential EVM environment required to facilitate the smooth transition of existing MARBLEX services to the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems and help MARBLEX achieve its goals.

MARBLEX has a lot in store for their users, in their latest update, MARBLEX introduces exciting developments for their game, including the unveiling of the romantic city of Paris as the next real estate area. Alongside the Paris release, significant updates are also coming to the board game feature, including the highly anticipated addition of Friendly Match, enabling players to enjoy the game with their friends, and the introduction of the “Expert 3 channel” to enhance competitive experience. These are only a few of the updates that MARBLEX has shared during our twitter space, to hear more about it we suggest you check out the full AMA and to keep an eye out for further news on their social media channels!

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MARBLEX (MBX) is a game-based blockchain service company that aims to bring the highest quality blockchain games to market than any other company by producing AAA titles. A well-established company with over 6,000 collaborative employees, including game industry veterans and blockchain technology experts from across the globe. By providing services such as a cryptocurrency wallet, decentralized exchange, token staking, and NFT Marketplace, MARBLEX (MBX) allows users to experience an optimal blockchain-based game ecosystem.

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