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Please Welcome Octogamex

With web 3.0 set to take over the world, and GameFi along with metaverse projects set to take over web 3.0, it’s high time to take up some gap spanning inside this vast variety. That’s exactly what Octogamex, a decentralized marketplace built exclusively for GameFi and metaverse unique crypto assets, is all about. Octogamex is here to erect interconnecting highways for gamers and crypto enthusiasts from all over the blockchain world, enabling them to move their in-game and metaverse NFTs around with great convenience. Octogamex kicks web 3.0 ownership freedom up a notch, while on the other hand allowing project developers to share and exchange crowds.

Excited About Aurora

The Octogamex team is delighted to get integrated with Aurora since such fundamental values professed by the platform as chross-chain functionality extension, bridged and interoperable future, scalability, and low-cost transactions fall exactly in line with what the marketplace team’s vision is. Aurora is developer-friendly and impressongly fast, which is appreciated by many, with a good deal of projects having already embraced its DeFi ecosystem.

Octogamex sees excellent long-term potential of both Aurora and the NEAR Protocol, and because the marketplace regards itself as one of the future GameFi and Metaverse supporting pillars, we’re convinced the Octogamex-Aurora collaboration will substantially benefit both parties.

The Octogamex team is fascinated by Aurora’s level of community engagement, the marketplace is eager to be part of, and its level of online presence. Octogamex is ready to build on the platform, bringing the multi-chain future closer and creating new cross-chain opportunities with Aurora.

Taking a Closer Look

Octogamex is an aggregating multichain smart contract-powered secondary market platform for unique GameFi and metaverse crypto assets, and cross-chain functionality into the bargain. It is the place to go trade your gaming and metaverse NFTs, as the marketplace is built keeping exactly them in mind.

The global gaming community is steadily gravitating towards a crypto future, with NFT games and projects enjoying more attention by the day, coming as far as bringing AAA titles around to adopt the technology. So today mass GameFi adoption is not a question of “if” anymore but a matter of “when.” And this “when” starts right here with Octogamex, the marketplace aspiring to unite every blockchain game out there and each project setting its functionality around NFTs.

Octogamex redefines the understanding of ownership in the blockchain realm, enabling its users to move their unique gaming tokens seamlessly around while navigating different blockchains and meeting new interesting GameFi and metaverse projects.

Transparent, Swift, and Secure

Smart contracts are the heat of Octogamex’s underlying structure, which unequivocally means security, which in turn is key to reliability. Marketplace data is as inaccessible to third parties as the sun on a cloudy day. Octogamex smart contracts convey the user’s intended actions straight to the blockchain which records the necessary 1s & 0s that the contract then fetches right back. The buying and selling processes are highly automated, safe, see-through, and fast-speed by the virtue of no intermediaries involved to carry out transactions.

Transparency means whatever transaction it is that you made on the marketplace, the comprehensive information about it can be found on the blockchain whenever you want, wherever you are.

Let’s have a look at the novelties the platform has to offer as well as some other important details.

Buy and Sell NFTs

Buy and sell your favorite gaming assets on Octogamex with a couple of quick steps. The Octogamex special mechanics provides collection owners with the opportunity to set their project’s native token as one of the currencies the collection is available for purchase in. Octogamex users enjoy the freedom to select the crypto they want to use to pay for an NFT: the game’s native tokens or blockchain coins. Sellers on Octogamex on their end are free to choose what currency to switch on for NFTs they’re listing.

Auction NFTs

With Octogamex auction functionality the buyer gains the possibility to acquire a desired NFT at a price they consider suitable while, on the other hand, coming to the aid of the seller if they have a hard time deciding on their unique token’s most appropriate price. The last bid wins the auction.

Trade NFTs

Octogamex boasts augmented trading functionality available for Octies to fine-tune their offers for maximum flexibility and equitability. Buyers can approach sellers in 3 different ways: with a crypto offer, crypto + NFT(s) offer, or NFT-exclusive offer, in which the number of possible NFT attached is unlimited.

NFT Launchpad

Octogamex is putting the finishing touches to its launchpad solution. The launchpad will help NFT projects attract much needed initial investments to their fledgling products by means of an INO. Developers having their INOs on the platform will receive guaranteed marketing support and their NFT collection integrated with the marketplace.

NFT Loans

The Octogamex team is actively assembling an NFT-backed loans feature that will make it possible for its users to take out loans using their NFTs as collateral. Octies who have supported NFTs not involved in other ventures at the same time will have the possibility to put them up to receive loan offers from lenders (other users) where lenders will indicate the loan and repayment amounts as well as the loan term. Accepting a loan offer, the borrower triggers the NFT lockup procedure, then their wallet is credited with the collateralized loan funds. To repay the loan the borrower needs to deposit the full loan amount. The NFT is claimable by the lender in case the borrower fails to pay off the loan as agreed. Octogamex doesn’t impose any fees on borrowers and charges a 5% fee on the lender’s yield from a successfully stricken deal.

Chat With Sellers and Other Buyers

On Octogamex each listing has a dedicated chat for the seller and everybody else involved or interested to negotiate prices and terms and strike a deal eventually. Discussing things is now easier than ever thanks to the feature enabling direct communication right on the listing page.

NFT Bridge

An Octogamex-exclusive feature. The marketplace team has a tool ready to bring NFT exchange to a new level altogether — welcome cross-chain NFT trading. It will be possible to list an NFT minted on one blockchain, then accept an offer from a user of another blockchain. Something to be stoked for.

Octogamex developed an NFT relocation mechanism for verified ETH collections sold on major marketplaces. The marketplace freezes the original NFT up on the source chain, providing the buyer with the opportunity to claim the NFT on the target blockchain. The “ringer” NFT has the same metadata set the original one does.
It’s tradeable on any marketplace supporting the target chain. The end owner can claim the initial one after whatever number of transactions.

Summing It Up

Octogamex solves problems by offering opportunities. The previously disconnected world of blockchain gaming and metaverse undertakings has gained a strong ally setting up the crucial logistics to fuel web 3.0 tokenomics, interconnect GameFi and metaverse projects, and popularize blockchain products, leading to their ultimate mass adoption.
Octogamex is on the way to unite NFT gaming and metaverse communities, big and small, for the common good, building a major society in which it’s not only easy to purchase any bit of the blockchain world but one also has countless possibilities to move crypto assets around. And the process has already begun, with Octogamex striking deals with more and more gaming NFT collections that will be selling on the marketplace once it launches.

The Octogamex team, solution-seekers at core, is keen on joining problem-solving blockchain platforms, like Aurora, embracing the principles of interoperability and further enhancing the GameFi community’s outlook. Octogamex is committed to finding new ways for developers to monetize and promote their projects, and for gamers and enthusiasts to trade non-fungible tokens however they want. Even across blockchains.



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