Secure Cross-Chain Lending & Liquidity Are Coming to Aurora

Trisolaris & Aurigami are partnering with Axelar & Squid to create a cross-chain DEX and cross-chain money market on Aurora, Near Protocol’s EVM Chain

  • Buy any asset on any chain via Trisolaris’ cross-chain DEX.
  • Deposit assets on any chain to receive a loan on any other chain via Aurigami’s cross-chain money market.

Cross-chain DEX Powered by Squid

  • Trisolaris, the largest DEX on Aurora, will provide a gateway for liquidity from other chains into Aurora and the wider Near ecosystem.
  • Axelar will provide secure cross-chain communication that allows Squid, and Trisolaris to transact cross-chain in Turing-complete function calls that go beyond bridges.
  • Squid will provide trustless liquidity and message routing via Axelar, allowing Trisolaris to plug and play into liquidity on any DeFi app on any chain.

Cross-chain Money Market

  • Aurigami will explore a gateway for users to deposit a variety of assets on any of the 18 chains currently supported by Axelar (with many more to come).
  • These assets could be seamlessly routed to Aurora in the background leveraging Axelar’s cross-chain messaging technology
  • Based on a LTV ratio users will be able to obtain a loan on any chain supported by Axelar.

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Aurora is a fully compatible EVM and a fully trustless bridge between the Ethereum, NEAR and Aurora networks.